One of the worst parts of having a cold is the pain and congestion felt in the face. Unfortunately for some people who suffer from sinusitis, that pain can be a regular occurrence.  Sinusitis is an inflammation in the sinus cavities (the hollow spaces around your nasal cavity) that may be brought on by a virus or bacteria often associated with a cold or flu.  Acute sinusitis may last 4 weeks while someone who has chronic sinusitis may have symptoms lasting months or years intermittently.

Symptoms include facial pain, swelling, headaches and postnatal drip (mucous that is draining at the back of the throat). Plane travel may also trigger such symptoms in someone who suffers from sinusitis. Weakness and fatigue are also common as a good night’s rest is difficult when breathing is compromised.

Regular remedies such as vaporizers, saline nose sprays, decongestants and pain relievers may help to keep the symptoms at bay. However, if they continue, or if they come back often, a doctor should be consulted.  Antibiotics and stronger medicines may be required to fight the infection and inflammation.  Testing and imaging may be done to see if surgery is needed to open the passageways.  One technique is called a balloon sinuplasty.  A small balloon is inserted into the sinus cavity where blockage occurs and is gently inflated, opening the passageway and allowing proper drainage.

Do not just assume that a runny nose, facial pain and cold symptoms are your normal.  See a doctor to find out if your symptoms are sinusitis, and if they happen often, seek treatment to solve the problem.

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