Advantages of Aquatic Physical Therapy

Published on: January 25, 2016

After surgery or a severe injury, most people will need to undergo physical therapy to strengthen their injured area back to optimal performance. However, movement can be painful, especially if the muscles are load bearing or are swollen from the injury. One way that those needing physical therapy can get the movement they need to heal and strengthen their muscles is through aquatic therapy. Here are a few of the advantages of seeking a physical therapy clinic that offers aquatic therapy.

  • Water naturally reduces swelling. The catch 22 of physical therapy after an injury is that to help reduce swelling, you must move the muscle. But when the muscle is swollen, it is hard to move. Water is the perfect environment for swollen muscle since the hydrostatic pressure and warmth helps reduce pain and swelling, making it easier and more comfortable for patients to move.
  • Natural support. The buoyancy of water helps naturally support the body and reduce impact stress. This is especially helpful for hip, knee, ankle or foot injuries that are aggravated when weight is put on the area.
  • Water offers a slight resistance that helps strengthen muscles with every movement. When paired with the reduced swelling and buoyancy, those that have trouble moving on land can get the exercise they need to improve their health and muscle tone in the water with natural resistance and viscosity.

If you or a loved one is in need of physical therapy after an injury or surgery, make sure to inquire about aquatic therapy. Not all physical therapy clinics offer this valuable tool, so shop around to find one that offers this option.

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