Am I a Good Candidate for a Certified Nurse Midwife for My Delivery?

One of the most important decisions you will make during your pregnancy is who you want to deliver your child. While an OB/GYN is an excellent choice, many expectant mothers choose to use a certified Nurse Midwife for their delivery. While each has its merits, not everyone is a good candidate for a midwife birth. Those who have certain health conditions, prior birthing issues, twins or other issues that put them into the high risk category should consider using an obstetrician for their delivery. 

High Risk Pregnancy Deliveries

Those with high risk pregnancies are generally not good candidates for solely using a nurse midwife for delivery of their child. Although a midwife can be helpful during and after pregnancy in preparing you for motherhood, the actual delivery may have complications they are unable to handle on their own. If your delivery requires an emergency cesarean section or the use of forceps, an obstetrician may need to be called to perform the delivery. Since this is more often the case with high risk pregnancies, it is recommended that those who are designated high risk have an obstetrician overseeing their pregnancy and delivery.

However, just because you are labeled as high risk for your pregnancy doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the services of a certified Nurse Midwife. They can help you prepare for your delivery and are able to spend more time with you during the labor and delivery process to make your more comfortable. Even if you will need an OB/GYN for your delivery, your midwife can still be there to help prepare your birthing plan and get you ready for your new bundle of joy.

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