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Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms

Do you struggle with the inability to focus or pay attention for any length of time? Do you have hyperactive tendencies, or impulsive behaviors that are hard to control? If you suffer from attention deficit disorder symptoms and are looking for more natural remedies or a holistic approach to manage your ADD, call the office of Dr. Bongiovanni and Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta.

Dr. Bongiovanni offers state-of-the-art naturopathic treatments for ADD and attention deficit disorder symptoms. Comprehensive treatment plans for attention deficit disorder are comprised of safe, non-toxic, natural treatments. Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta does not believe there is a one-size-fits-all treatment plan for treating ADD.

Atlanta ADD Treatment

At Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta, our Atlanta ADD treatment plan begins by identifying the chemical brain imbalance of each patient. Natural medicine regimens are used to correct and address the areas of imbalance. Patients are evaluated for food sensitivities, nutritional status is measured and Dr. Bongiovanni will assess stress and anxiety levels in ADD patients. Dr. Bongiovanni is focused on improving the overall health of each and every patient in addition to minimizing and relieving the systems of attention deficit disorder with his ADD treatment.

Many traditional medicines simply treat the symptoms of ADD without finding the underlying cause. Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta provides exceptional patient care, with advanced laboratory assessments and quality natural medicines. Our unique alternative medical practice offers individualized care that is tailored to each patient.

ADD Alternative Medical Treatments

In your search for ADD alternative medical treatments, call the office of Dr. Bongiovanni and Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta. We offer safe, less expensive, alternative treatments to the sometimes harmful effects of pharmaceuticals. You can expect top quality holistic medical and wellness care in addition to comprehensive ADD alternative medical treatments.