Benefits of Pregnancy Ultrasounds

The first time you see your baby that is growing inside you is an exciting moment and it is possible due to ultrasound technology. Ultrasounds use sound waves to transmit images inside the body. This technology is the preferred option for pregnant women since it is painless, does not use ionizing radiation like x-rays or CT scans and offers a better image of soft tissues. Most pregnant women will have several ultrasounds during their pregnancy so that their OB/GYN can monitor the baby’s growth progress. Some of the benefits and uses for ultrasound results during pregnancy include:

  • Determine the due date of the baby
  • Monitor the growth and size of the fetus
  • Determine the sex of the baby
  • Detect multiple fetuses
  • Reveal certain birth defects or potential health issues
  • Check the position and size of the baby before delivery

Through ultrasounds, your doctor can monitor your baby all through your pregnancy and be alerted to many issues that could potentially harm you or your baby’s health. It is one of the most effective tools for gauging the health of your baby; plus, it gives you a chance to view your child as he or she grows in the womb and share those images with your partner and family.

Ultrasounds can be performed in most OB/GYN clinics and are a standard procedure without any negative side effects. Ask your OB/GYN if they offer a large viewing screen so you can easily watch the images of your baby as they perform your ultrasound. Expect to have several ultrasounds during your pregnancy, starting around week eight and ending with the last one right before delivery.

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