Benefits of Using IUDs for Birth Control

In the last few decades, the main form of birth control that women use has been some form of hormonal medication such as the pill, implants or shots. However, the IUD or intrauterine device has been around for much longer than the hormonal options and is still a viable and safe method of contraception. There are many benefits to using this device for avoiding unplanned pregnancies, including:

  • No or low hormones. Many women have severe reactions to the hormones used in birth control pills, implants and shots. From weight gain to risk of stroke, there are many reasons that a woman may not want to take hormones to prevent pregnancy. Many IUDs do not use or need hormones to be effective, so there are few side effects or risks compared to hormone options.
  • Long-lasting contraception. Most IUDs can be inserted into the uterus and do not need to be removed for several years, or until the woman is ready to try and conceive. There is nothing that needs to be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Many IUDs can be left in place up to 10 years.
  • Error-free. Unlike hormone medications or barrier methods, the IUD is always on the job, with nothing that needs to be done before having sex to prevent pregnancy. This eliminates the human-error factor that can lead to unplanned pregnancies.

For woman who do not plan to get pregnant in the near future or are finished bearing children, the IUD is still a great option with little to no maintenance. To find out more about this option, talk to a local OB GYN that offers IUD conception at their practice.

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