We have all heard the cliche of the eyes being the “window to the soul.” And many people say that their favorite facial attribute of their significant other is their eyes. A person’s eyes do much more than simply help a person see. They can also portray a person’s personality or mood in more ways than one. As people age, their eyelids stretch and the muscles of the eyelids weaken. As a result, many people have drooping eyelids and bags under their eyes. Besides making a person look older or grumpier than they actually are, severely sagging skin around the eyes can affect a person’s eye sight. Blepharoplasty is a procedure used to lift and correct this sagging skin.

Everyone develops signs of aging, but it seems that the area around the eyes has always been what many people are the most self-conscious about. Allergies and fatigue can add to the sagging skin around the eyes, and over time can cause the eyes to look tired and old. Blepharoplasty is a new surgical technique used to decrease the signs of aging. It is a simple procedure done in an out-patient setting. The procedure involves two incisions either above or below the eyelid, and these incisions are hidden within the creases of the eye to decrease visibility of the scar. The procedure is safe and simple, and because it does not require anesthesia it cuts down on cost and recovery a great deal.

Most people who wish to reduce the sagging skin around their eyes are good candidates for Blepharoplasty. You can speak with your trusted doctor during a free cosmetic consult appointment to discuss the options you have to achieve the eye appearance that you desire.

Posted on behalf of Dr. John Kayal, Northwest Georgia Dermatology


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