Breast Lumps and Cyst Aspirations

Finding a lump in your breast can be a frightening experience. Whether you find it yourself during a routine self-examination or your doctor makes you aware of the lump, you can’t help but be concerned over the cause. The good news is most lumps in the breasts are harmless, benign cysts; however, since a small portion of these lumps are cancerous, they should always be investigated by a physician. One of the simplest and non-invasive options is a cyst aspiration.

What Is a Cyst Aspiration?

In a cyst aspiration, ultrasound imaging is usually used to locate the mass or lump that is suspect. A numbing agent is used to make the procedure painless. A small needle is injected into the lump to extract fluid or material from the mass. If the results are a clear fluid, in most cases the lump is a benign cyst that will dissolve on its own. However, if the fluid is discolored, it is usually sent for testing. If no fluid is obtained through the aspiration, you may need a biopsy to determine whether the lump is benign.

A cyst aspiration is an outpatient procedure that requires very little preparation or down time. It is usually the first step used to ensure that any palpable mass is benign since it is quick, inexpensive and non-invasive. This procedure is best performed by an imaging specialist that can pinpoint the location of the breast lump and perform the procedure accurately.

One of the best weapons in fighting breast cancer is early detection and treatment. If you have a breast lump that needs further evaluation, schedule a cyst aspiration with your local radiology clinic that specializes in this procedure.

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