Chronic Ear Infections

Published on: April 23, 2014

Many parents are familiar with the cry and the pulling at the ears as symptoms that their child has an ear infection. But for many children, they are chronically suffering from one ear infection after the other. Most pediatricians continue to treat chronic ear infections with one antibiotic prescription after the other. While the antibiotics may treat the symptoms, they do not identify or treat the underlying cause of chronic ear infections. A wholistic approach to treating those with chronic ear infections uses safe, natural, non-toxic treatments that are proven effective with minimal chances for side effects.

Many people believe their doctors whole heartedly. If a doctor says to take a medication, they do. If a doctor says to take another, they do. But what if there is a better way? A wholistic approach to ear infection treatments is just like a wholistic approach to anything else – taking in as much information about a person and his/her body as possible. The human body is an incredible creation that functions from organized systems of cells, tissues, and nerves that all work together. Because of this, a wholistic approach does not simply look at the ear as the only cause of an ear infection.

A wholistic approach to treating chronic ear infections is designed to break the repetitive cycle that is causing them to occur again and again. Many times a change in diet is an effective treatment for chronic ear infections, but a typical physician would probably not make this connection because s/he is looking at and treating the symptoms of the ear.

If you are tired of dealing with chronic ear infections and tired of putting your child on one medication after the other with no real progress, make an appointment with a Naturopathic doctor who will look at your child as a whole person. Chronic ear infection cycles can be broken, it simply takes understanding how the entire body functions together to do so.

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