Flap Surgery for Burn Treatment

Scarring from burns can be disfiguring and cause damage to the mobility of the muscles under the skin. This can cause physical discomfort as well as emotional issues for burn victims, especially when the burn occurs on the face. Flap surgery is one option for burn reconstruction that can improve the function and appearance of the facial skin after a severe burn.

What Is Flap Surgery?

There are several options for burn scar treatment to improve the health and appearance of the skin. One option is flap surgery. Where skin grafts can be used on some burns, deeper or severe burns may need a more advanced form of treatment. Flap surgery involves removing a flap of skin from another place on the body and transplanting it into the burn site. Using advanced microsurgical techniques, the skin flap and connective tissues are attached into the burn. This includes attaching blood vessels from the connective tissue in the flap to the arteries in the burn area.

One of the benefits of skip flap surgery versus a skin graft is less scarring after it heals. This is especially beneficial for facial burns. While there will always be some scarring from burn reconstruction surgery, much of this can be minimized with additional laser therapy after the flap surgery has completely healed.

If you or loved one has suffered a disfiguring facial burn, talk to an experienced facial plastic surgeon that offers flap surgery for burn treatment. This may be the best option to improve the mobility of the facial muscles and reduce the appearance of burn scars on the face. It is worth the investment for a better quality of life.

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