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Park Slope Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics Empowered by hellosmile

Call (718) 899-5136 to schedule an appointment for your child or children!

The hand-picked team of dental providers at Park Slope Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics will make you and your child glad that you chose Park Slope Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics as your dental clinic. As part of the Hellosmile family of pediatric dental practices, we are especially geared to meet the needs of all children. Our office offers comprehensive dental services in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The office environment is intentionally designed to bring joy and comfort to kids of all ages. We provide an array of amenities to make visiting the dentist a fun and informative adventure.

Parents appreciate the care and concern with which children are treated as well as the education we provide to both them and their children regarding optimum oral health. At Park Slope Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics, we focus on prevention and the “well care” model of dental health. Comprehensive dental exams begin with the protrusion of baby’s first tooth and continue through adolescence. Because we specialize in children’s dental concerns, we are able to offer screenings and preventative care in orthodontics as well as general dental health.

All children deserve high quality, well designed health care and finances should not be a factor in attaining the care your child needs. We work with you to make sure your child has the best oral care available. Dental exams, cleanings, preventative care and more ensure that your child is getting off to a lifelong commitment to excellent oral hygiene. Every child deserves a nice smile. We work to provide those smiles to all kids who walk through our door.

We take a holistic approach to your child’s oral health. Good oral health is key to overall well-being. Chewing food properly aids in maintaining good nutrition and a healthy mouth only adds to your child’s self-esteem. Our preventative focus ensures that dental issues are addressed before they turn into serious problems. We also provide answers to your questions concerning your child’s oral health. We are here to help you and your child understand the benefits and advantages of optimum oral health.