Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects the facial skin in millions of people. For many people suffering from rosacea, the embarrassment of going out into public is a huge factor that must be dealt with. Severe breakouts can cause redness and pimples on the nose, chin, and cheeks that cannot be hidden with foundation or concealer type products. Rosacea can be very painful in spots that are severely affected, and if it goes untreated it can get worse.

No one knows what causes Rosacea. It is not a bacteria causing infection, but it is caused by something that irritates the skin. Of course, the “triggers” of Rosacea are not the same in everyone, so it can be difficult to prevent breakouts from occurring in many people. There are some common triggers in people with fair skin: sun and wind exposure, swings in temperature from hot to cold or vis versa, stress, spicy foods, and sweat.

Your dermatologist can help to treat your symptoms and to keep them under control. There are a variety of options for rosacea treatment to help reduce the redness and sensitivity of breakouts. The  most important thing for anyone suffering from rosacea is to find out what triggers flareups, and then avoid them. A food diary or weekly/monthly list of activities can be helpful in determining what triggers a flareup. By taking your diary or list to your dermatologist, together you can figure out how to help control the condition. Make sure to also use products specifically made for sensitive skin, as many ingredients in other type products can irritate Rosacea. Your dermatologist is here to help you control your rosacea and bring back your confidence.

Posted on behalf of Dr. John Kayal, Northwest Georgia Dermatology


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