Spider Vein Treatment

Published on: December 4, 2013

Many people suffer from spider veins, which are dilated skin capillaries.  While not harmful, they can be unattractive and can impact people’s quality of life.  In many cases people with spider veins are self conscious of them and will alter the clothing that they wear in order to cover them.  Most cases of spider veins are caused by sun exposure, trauma or prolonged standing.

The treatment for spider veins is sclerotherapy, which is a relatively simple procedure where the physician will inject a medicine directly into the small leg veins, which causes the vessels and veins to fade and shrink over time.  This is possible because the medicine injected into the inner lining of the vein irritates the vein and eventually causes it to cease carrying blood.  Eventually the inner lining is replaced with scar tissue and during the healing process, the impacted veins fade.  There is need for concern about the impact of the overall circulatory system as these vessels disappear, as the venous system of the body is very redundant.  As the spider veins disappear, other undamaged veins take over moving the patient’s blood.  The injections are made using a very small needle, so the procedure is not too painful.

It is recommended that spider vein treatment be done during the winter months to allow the patient’s leg(s) to fully heal before the warm weather of spring and summer.  The treatment is highly effective and a qualified Dermatologist will be able to effectively treat spider veins!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Jodi E. Ganz, Olansky Dermatology Associates


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