Spinal Revision Surgery

Occasionally patients that have previously undergone previous neck or back surgery will suffer from “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome” or FBSS, as it is also known as.  The symptoms of the condition include persistent pain after the original surgery has been completed.  In many cases the pain s not the result of an error or a mistake from a previous surgery, but from a number of possible factors including residual or recurring disc herniaition, persistent post-operative pressure on a spinal nerve, altered joint mobility, joint hypermobility, scar tissue (fibrosis), lack of complete fusion, painful retained hardware and spinal muscular reconditioning.

Although each case of FBSS is unique, a qualified and highly experienced surgeon in spinal revisions surgery will be able make specific recommendations on the options available for patients that may be candidates for spinal revision surgery.  In the event that spine revision surgery is recommended for their condition, the surgeon will explain the entire process from arrival at the surgical center all the way thru rehabilitation.  Although no surgery is completely pain free, the surgical team will make sure that the patient is comfortable during the procedure, as well as during the recovery process.

As with any surgical procedure, the post-surgical rehabilitation is key the success of the procedure.  The surgeon will work with trained therapists to develop a structured rehabilitation program for both home use as well as a dedicated rehabilitation facility.  A dedicated, experienced and well-integrated team that specializes in spinal revision surgery is the key to eliminating “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome”!

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