Is it Time to Consider a Facelift?

When you look in the mirror, are you surprised at the image that looks back at you? Often time can fly by and before you know it, there is an older version of you looking back from the mirror. Aging cannot be stopped, but it can be managed, especially with surgical options like facelifts. However, it is a major decision that should be carefully contemplated before you decide to seek plastic surgery.

Facelifts 101
First of all, there are many different types of facelifts. A standard facelift elevates the skin in the midface region, reducing sagging skin around the cheeks, nose, neck and jowls. Eyelid lifts and brow lifts are separate surgeries, but are often done with a facelift. Deep plane facelifts go deeper than just the skin and adjust the tissue under the skin for a more natural appearance and longer lasting results.

What Are Your Expectations?
To determine whether a facelift is right for you, it depends on your expectations. What areas on your face do you want to change? If the crow’s feet around your eyes or lines on your forehead are what bother you the most, a facelift may not be the right option. However, if you have deep lines around your nose and mouth, or loose skin on your neck and jowls, a facelift might be exactly what you need to turn back the hands of time.

It is important to understand that plastic surgery can make you look years younger, but it is not a magic bullet. You will continue to age and there may be additional surgeries that will be needed to maintain the results from your facelift. To learn more about what to expect and whether a facelift is right for you, schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon.

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