Treating Brown Spots on the Skin

There are several types of brown spots that can occur on the skin. They may be called sun spots, age spots, freckles or melasma, but they are almost always caused by an increased accumulation of pigment in the skin. While a few freckles can be cute, blotches of brown on your face, chest or hands are often not welcomed. However, there are treatments available to fade these brown spots to give you back even, youthful looking skin.

CoolGuide Laser

One of the latest methods to remove unwanted brown spots is the CoolGuide laser. This technology heats the pigmented skin, causing it to darken, then flake away. The procedure only takes a quick visit to the dermatologist, then the brown spots begin flaking and fading over the next few weeks. Some spots may take multiple procedures to fade completely. Brown spot treatments are usually spaced about four weeks apart to allow complete healing between each laser therapy session.

Exfoliating Options

Another option is using chemical peels or liquid nitrogen spot treatments. These work by removing the top skin cells, allowing the skin to heal with a lighter pigment. Other options are bleaching creams or exfoliation products that can affect the darker pigmented cells, resulting in a more even skin tone and color.

If you have noticed that you have patched of darker skin, you don’t need to live with this change in your appearance. While there are over-the-counter options that claim to fade brown spots, they are not always effective and may not be the best option for your condition. Consult a dermatologist to determine the most effective solution for fading your brown spots to get the fastest, most reliable results.

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