Treatments for Tennis or Golf Elbow

Tennos Elbow Treatment

Both tennis and golf elbow involve injuries to tendons that support the elbow joint. Named for common sports that can cause this type of tendon strain, tennis and golf elbow are usually caused by repeated motions involving the elbow. For tennis elbow, the tendons affected are on the outside of the elbow, while golf elbow involves the inner tendons. While in different locations, symptoms and treatment for these conditions are similar.

Symptoms of Elbow Tendon Strain

Both tennis and golf elbow can cause pain, tenderness and weakness in the arm and hand. Some slight differences occur due to the different locations of the tendons. For tennis elbow, the pain can radiate on the outside of the elbow down the forearm, with weakness or pain when you grip items with your hand. For golf elbow, the pain and tenderness are on the inner side of the elbow, with weakness and pain in the hand or wrist when gripping or flexing.

Treatments for Elbow Tendon Strain

Resting the tendons and using a brace for the elbow can help heal the tendons for those with golf or tennis elbow. Unfortunately, this can take several months to accomplish. Ice, anti-inflammatory medications, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, stretching and strengthening exercises can all be used to treat these conditions. In rare circumstances, surgery can be required if the tendon injury is severe.

If you have ongoing elbow pain, it could be tennis or golf elbow. To find the best treatment for your condition, seek medical care through a sport’s medicine and orthopedic specialist. Using the right treatments can quicken your recovery and help avoid damaging the tendons further.

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