Laser Therapy for Birthmark Removal

Published on: October 17, 2018

Birthmarks on children are quite common and there is no way to prevent them during pregnancy. They just happen. Most are insignificant and need no attention while others may require treatments or surgery to correct. Most birthmarks are correctable after a few procedures. One of the most popular types of procedure is laser treatment. There are different laser treatments that can be used to remove a birthmark.

  • A pulse-dye laser treatment is most effective on red , flat hemangiomas. It is recommended that the pulse-dye laser therapy begin on patients who are very young as it can dramatically reduce the redness of the birthmark as well as improving the collagen and texture of the skin. Anesthesia is not required for small treatment areas, but is recommended for larger areas as it may cause discomfort. Treatments may be required as the patient ages if the birthmark changes in color or begins to spread.


  • YAG laser treatments are similar to the pulse-dye except that YAG is used on birthmarks that are blue or purple in appearance. ┬áThe treatment can stop the progression of the birthmark and improve skin texture.


  • Coblation therapy is for patients who have birthmarks related to the mouth or nostrils. It is used in areas where moisture and mucus may be present and is used to shrink soft tissue.

Laser treatments may also be used after surgical approaches to birthmark removal in order to improve skin appearance. A combination of laser treatments may be used over time to manage skin color and texture. See your healthcare provider if you are interested in more information about laser treatments for birthmarks.

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