Badge Requirements

Find Local Doctors is looking for top rated local doctors based on existing patient reviews. In order for Find Local Doctors to recognize your medical practice as a top rated practice you will need to meet the minimum requirements.

The minimum requirement to earn the Find Local Doctors “Top Patient Rated” badge is a minimum of 15 Google Business reviews with a 4.6 average rating or higher. In addition to Google Business reviews you must have at least 30 additional reviews with at least a 4.6 average in another directory/websites such as Facebook, Yelp, Kudzu, Healthgrades etc…

If you would like to be considered for the Find Local Doctors “Top Rated” badge, please feel free to submit the contact form on the Find Local Doctors website. We will review your patient reviews and let you know if you qualify for the Find Local Doctors “Top Rated” badge. Find Local Doctors reserves the right to request removal of our “Top Rated” badge if your review ranking drops below our minimum requirements.

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