5 Reasons to Stop Avoiding Your Annual Women’s Exam

Published on: April 8, 2018

No one would compare a women’s annual wellness exam to a day at the spa, but it is still an important part of your healthcare regimen. Seeing your OB/GYN yearly or as often as recommended for your age can be a vital part of staying on top of your reproductive health. Here are five reasons you should stop procrastinating and schedule your annual women’s wellness exam if it has been over a year since your last visit. 

  1. Early detection of cervical cancer. A pap smear should be done at least once every three years in most adult, sexually active women, more often for some. This can be the best way to detect cervical cancer in the earliest stages when it is the most treatable.
  2. Breast exam. An annual breast exam is important in checking for breast abnormalities that could be breast cancer, in addition to your home exams.
  3. Reproductive health. Your annual exam can check all aspects of your reproductive health, including signs of cysts and other issues.
  4. Discuss any reproductive problems/concerns. Your annual exam is a good time to discuss birth control, pregnancy, menopause concerns and anything reproductive related. Your OB/GYN can answer any questions from planning for a family to preparing for menopause.
  5. During your exam you can be tested for HPV, STDs or other health issues that could affect your health.

Most annual women’s wellness exams are quick and painless. While they may be slightly uncomfortable due to the nature of the exam, they are essential for protecting your reproductive and overall health. Call your OB/GYN to schedule your next exam if it has been more than a year.

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