Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Published on: November 30, 2017

There was a time when many common surgeries required open incision to repair damaged tissue, bone or cartilage. With advances in surgical techniques and technology, many of these same surgeries can be performed with minimally invasive methods. The advantages for the patients are extensive, offering the same results without the higher risks and longer recovery times of open surgery.

Types of Minimally Invasive Surgeries

There are many surgeries that can now be performed without large open incisions. Some of the largest improvements are for spine and orthopedic surgeries. Some of the conditions that can now be repaired using minimally invasive techniques include:

  • Hip repairs, such as hip lateral tears, femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) and others
  • Knee conditions, such as ACL reconstruction, torn meniscus and others
  • Spine conditions, such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis and others

These surgeries are often referred to as endoscopic or arthroscopy, but they all use the same principals for minimally invasive techniques. Small incisions are used with tiny medical cameras that can be inserted into the area where surgery is needed. Specialized medical tools are used that can make the needed repairs with guidance from the cameras and other imagery.

The advantage for patients when undergoing surgery is that these minimally invasive surgery techniques can cut their recovery time by weeks, even months. There is less risk of damage to the surrounding tissue and a smaller risk of infection and other complications associated with open surgery. Plus, the scar is much smaller, almost unnoticeable in some circumstances.

If you are considering surgery for an orthopedic, spine, neck or back condition, explore the option of minimally invasive surgeries. Talk to your orthopedic or spine surgeon about using these advanced options to improve your recovery time and reduce your risk during surgery.

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