Advantages of Endoscopic Spine Surgeries

Published on: February 19, 2019

Many neck, back and spine conditions can be treated through surgery, but conventional open surgery can require extensive recovery time and risks. Advancements in medical techniques and technology have improved the options for spine surgeries, including endoscopic procedures with many benefits over traditional open-spine surgery. Using only a tiny incision and specialized imaging and instruments, endoscopic spine surgeries can treat many issues that once required more invasive surgery.

Common spine issues that can be relieved through surgery include injuries and degeneration to the components of the spine. Herniated discs, bone spurs and other maladies that cause pain, numbness and dysfunction can be repaired, fused or removed to offer relief. With endoscopic spine surgeries, the same results can be accomplished as with many conventional surgeries, but with advantages including:

  • Smaller incisions. The incision needed for endoscopic surgeries is usually small enough to be covered with a typical bandage. This allows for a smaller scar, less bleeding and less trauma for the patient.
  • Outpatient. Most endoscopic spine surgeries are outpatient, not requiring a hospital stay, reducing costs and inconvenience for the patient.
  • Quicker recovery. Since less tissue and muscle are impacted, the recovery time is usually a fraction of what is needed for conventional surgery.
  • Less pain and discomfort. The minimally-invasive nature of endoscopic spine surgeries helps reduce pain and discomfort for the patient during recovery.

If you have a neck or back issue that may require spine surgery, discuss the option of minimally invasive surgical procedures with your spine specialist. Using this advanced method of spine repair can lower your risks, pain and recovery time while still giving you the relief you desire from your spinal problems.

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