Are Your Eyes Making You Look Older?

Published on: April 7, 2015

One of the first places to show the signs of age is the skin above and below the eye. After years of smiling, squinting and sun exposure, the delicate skin around the eye can begin to develop fine lines and wrinkles, with a noticeable droop or bags under the eye. Although this is natural, this transformation does change your face, making you look tired and older. A surgical eyelift can reverse this process, making you look years younger and improving your appearance.

Rejuvenating Your Eyes with Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty or eyelift surgery can be performed on the upper lid, lower lid or both. This quick outpatient surgery can repair sagging skin and bags that can form around the eye as you get older. The procedure you choose will depend on your problems areas.

  • Upper eyelid lift. If you have sagging skin above your eyes or puffiness below the eye, an upper eyelid lift may be the solution for younger, wide-awake eyes. In some cases, a fat transposition is used to fill in the eyelid and give a more youthful appearance.
  • Lower eyelid lift. If bags or excess skin under your eyes is your trouble area, a lower eyelid lift may be the answer. This can remove the skin that cause bags, making you look tired, sad or older. Fat transposition can also be used in this procedure to fill in hallowing under the eyes.┬á

Both these cosmetic surgeries are usually done on an outpatient basis, with local anesthesia. With an experienced plastic surgeon, you can have a fast recovery with little or no pain. This is the perfect procedure to reverse the effects of time on your eyes, making you look younger and more vibrant.

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