Avoid Too Many Surgeries

Published on: November 7, 2013

When it comes down to it, your face is the most personal part about you. Your face is what people picture when they think of you. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can help you retain a youthful, attractive appearance through a variety of techniques and procedures ranging from injectable facial fillers to laser skin therapy to cosmetic surgical procedures.

Celebrities are no different from the rest of us – except that they have a lot more money and are easily recognized by the paparazzi. Just like us, celebs desire to maintain their youthful, radiant appearance. With their seemingly endless bank accounts, they are able to have one surgery after the other in attempts to achieve their desired look. But many times too many surgeries bring about undesired results. Meg Ryan and Heidi Montag are no strangers to the spotlight these days for plastic surgery “disasters.”

This is why it is important to choose a facial plastic surgeon who understands their patient’s desires and makes those desires line up with realistic expectations. Facial plastic surgery is a personal decision to boost confidence by improving an area that a woman (or man) finds unflattering.

However, the patient’s health should be considered above all else. While most facial plastic surgeons understand the desire to achieve the “perfect look,” he or she should be committed to the safety and health of their patients. Having too many surgeries should not be encouraged because of the health risks involved and the reality is that numerous surgeries will ultimately not get you the results you desire. Simply search on Google for “plastic surgery disasters” and you will understand why less is more.

Choose a facial plastic surgeon who will help you achieve the results that you desire while minimizing the number of invasive procedures. Your facial plastic surgeon should listen closely to your desires and help you choose the procedure or a package of procedures that will produce the most optimal results.

Posted on behalf of Benjamin Stong, MD, Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC



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