Benefits of Undergoing a Lip Augmentation

Published on: October 4, 2017

Plump lips or the well-defined cupid’s bow on the top lip are sexy and attractive. The ideal for many women is a plump pout, lips that protrude slightly and have a rounded shape. However, not everyone is born with pouty lips that have nice shape. Genetics can give you thinner lips; some lips seem to almost disappear when smiling. Also, age can take away the plumpness of lips, making them thinner as you get older. Lip augmentation can enhance thin, straight or aging lips to give you a beautiful, sexy mouth.

Lip augmentation can involve adding volume to the lips, changing the shape of the lips, or both. Lips can be enhanced permanently with plastic surgery, adding volume with silicone or a fat transfer and changing the shape, particularly the cupid’s bow on the top lip. Another option is temporary lip augmentation with dermal fillers, giving your lips a fuller look for several months with a quick injection.

The benefits of a lip augmentation include a softer, more attractive pout and smile. Adding volume can make your lips sexier and look more youthful. Plumping the lips can smooth small lines and help your mouth and face look younger. Since the mouth is one of the first features that people notice when you meet them – your smile is unforgettable – having beautiful lips is a wonderful asset to have and worth the investment for many women.

If you wish you had plumper or more defined lips, contact an experienced facial plastic surgeon to learn more about lip augmentation options. You can have full, sexy lips for a more attractive appearance with surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

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