Breakthrough Treatment Options for Psoriasis

For those that have suffered from psoriasis and found few treatments that offered relief, there are new options that have promising results. Breakthrough treatments are now available that can help those with psoriasis and other skin conditions reduce outbreaks and clear away rashes. Taltz and Cosentyx are two medications that have been released in the last few years to treat psoriasis without the impact on the immune system of other treatments.

These new drugs work by blocking the protein that is needed to form psoriasis. When a trigger causes the body to react with the skin rash common with psoriasis, these drugs block a specific protein needed for psoriasis, stopping the reaction. The immune system can still function, the only difference is that the symptoms of psoriasis cannot occur. In the clinical trials, Talta and Cosentyx were able to control most forms of psoriasis up to 90-100% of the time for patients. This is an amazing breakthrough, giving patients with psoriasis freedom from this disease without impacting their immune system.

Not only can these new treatments control the embarrassing, uncomfortable rash associated with psoriasis, they may have other impacts. Patients with psoriasis can have higher risks for other health problems like cardiovascular issues, kidney problems, stroke and liver disease. Controlling psoriasis can be the right step in improving their overall health and risks for other health issues.

If you have psoriasis and are interested in learning about the new options for psoriasis treatment, schedule a visit with your local dermatologist. You may be able to live a life free from psoriasis and improve your overall health with new breakthrough treatments available through your skin specialist.

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