Carpal Tunnel Prevention and Help

Published on: July 19, 2017

With how much you use your computer these days, you don’t want anything to hinder your connection to the world. That’s why it’s important for you to know proper use and mechanics of your body while you sit at the computer each day. With the following tips you will prevent one of the most debilitating hand hindrances, carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Take a break. Having your body work in the same position for hours at a time is no good. Break it up a little bit. If you’ve been sitting at the computer for a couple of hours, take a short walk to accomplish something else, or work on some paperwork. The main thing is to let your wrists rest.
  • Check your posture. It can be easy to get comfortable in a position that is not so good for your body. Practice your posture and soon you’ll find how much better you feel when you are using those muscles to hold your body upright. Make sure that your feet are flat on the floor, eyes are level with what you are looking at ahead of you, and your chair gives you the support that you need.
  • Do stretches. You know that before exercise your body needs to stretch, and the same thing goes for working those wrists. A professional physical therapist will be able to tell you exactly how to prepare your wrists for the work ahead or doing mid-day stretches to keep your wrists feeling good.

All of these tips will be helpful for preventing carpal tunnel, but don’t let pain linger. Get in and see a professional physical therapist or you might end up doing more damage. Physical therapy will help you get back to work and connecting to your online world again.

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