Cesarean Delivery

Published on: March 28, 2014

A cesarean delivery (commonly referred to as a C-section) is a type of surgery in which a baby (or multiple babies) are delivered through a surgical incision in the abdomen and uterus. For most women, a C-section is done when a vaginal birth is not the safest option for birth. While it is somewhat popular in Hollywood for women to have cesarean births in order to also have a “tummy tuck,” C-sections are not the ideal way for most women to give birth. Women’s bodies were designed for vaginal births, and most doctors will not perform elective C-sections without undo cause.

Many women are afraid of giving birth vaginally. Despite the availability of pain reducing options (e.g. epidural), some women are terrified of the pain they will experience giving birth. For others, some believe that their bodies will “bounce back” easier and quicker from a cesarean birth. Both of these are not true for 99% of women. A cesarean delivery is considered a major surgery, and people do not simply “bounce back” from a major surgery without time…a good amount of time. In almost all women, the pain associated with a C-section is exponentially higher than what is reported of women who give birth vaginally. Recovering from major surgery is a long, often painful process. Therefore, doctors encourage all women who are able to give birth vaginally to do so.

For those women who don’t have a choice whether or not to have a cesarean delivery due to an emergency situation, giving birth to multiples, or a baby that is in the breech position – a C-section is the safest and best option. A cesarean delivery specialist will be able to perform the surgery with the highest care for both the mother and her child. Healing from a C-section requires patience and listening to your doctor. Pushing yourself too far too soon can cause a major set back in healing.

If you are in a position where a vaginal birth is not an option for you, talk with your trusted OB-GYN about being prepared (physically, mentally, and emotionally). With specialized care before and after deliver via cesarean, you and your baby will be healthy and ready to enjoy years of memories together.

Posted on behalf of Carlos Alarcon, M.D., Marietta OB-GYN Affiliates, P.A.


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