Cosmetic Surgery Options for Moms

Published on: March 30, 2015

Becoming a mother is an amazing experience that can change your life forever. To grow a new life inside your body and bring it into the world is incredible. As wonderful as this event is, pregnancy can change your body in ways that is difficult to reverse through diet and exercise alone. However, there are procedures through cosmetic surgery that can undo some of these unwanted changes, leaving you with both a beautiful child and the body you remember.

Post-Pregnancy Problem Areas

No pregnancy is identical to another, nor are the changes to a woman’s body the same. What you experience will be different than what your friend or sister may go through. However, there are some common problem areas that many women feel never quite bounce back to their pre-pregnancy shape and size, including their breasts, tummy and hips.

To combat these changes, cosmetic surgery can be used to remove excess fat, lift sagging areas and tighten skin. Common procedures include:

  • Breast lift or augmentation
  • Liposuction for hips, arms, thighs and other areas
  • Tummy tuck to tighten and reduce abdomen region
  • Breast reduction 

Some women will have only one procedure, while many others many opt for two more of these surgeries to reshape their body back to its pre-pregnancy stage. It can help bring back their confidence, making them feel sexier and more attractive than ever before.

While becoming a mother does changes your life forever, there is no reason that the changes to your body need to stay forever. Talk to your trusted local cosmetic surgeon about what options are available to undo the changes caused by pregnancy. You deserve to be both a mom and to feel beautiful and confident.

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