Diagnostic Breast X-Rays

Published on: April 23, 2014

For many women, they do not know that they have breast cancer because there are not typically symptoms in its early stages. Recommended screening tests are very important to women, as are self breast exams, to find any detection of anything unusual going on with the breasts. If something suspicious is found during an exam, the doctor will have more diagnostic testing done to help determine what is going on. A diagnostic exam can tell the difference between a benign tumor and a cancerous growth, and it can also tell what stage the cancer is in if it is in fact cancerous.

A diagnostic mammogram is an X-ray of the breast used to diagnose breast disease in women who have any breast symptoms or an abnormal result from a mammogram screening. A diagnostic breast X-ray includes more images of the area in question. A diagnostic mammogram can show the difference between a benign tumor and a cancerous growth, and is thus vitally important in the helping with the diagnosis of breast cancer. If a lesion is determined to be suspicious, a biopsy will then be needed to determine if it is in fact cancer.

If you have found any type of suspicious lump on your breast, do not wait another day before calling your doctor. Early detection is often the number one priority in curing cancer. A diagnostic breast X-ray is an outpatient procedure that will allow your doctor to know what is going on and the appropriate next steps.

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