Do You Have Painful Bursitis?

Published on: May 1, 2015

Many people suffer from bursitis, an inflammation of the bursa sac located between tissues to reduce friction. Typical found in joints, bursitis is a painful condition that can be caused by repetitive motion, impact or other serious injury. It can happen to anyone of any age, although it is more common as you grow older. If you have bursitis, it may be time to consider getting a bursa injection for relief.

What is a Bursa Injection?

Although rest, ice and over-the-counter medication for inflammation can often help bursitis, it is not always enough to relieve the pain. In severe cases of bursitis that are not responding to regular treatments, a bursa injection can be used to relieve the inflammation and pain.

Bursa injections use an anti-inflammatory drug, usually a corticosteroid, injected directly into the bursa. To view the exact place to inject the medication, physicians may use fluoroscopy to find the bursa sac. Usually a local anesthetic is given first before the bursa injection to help reduce the pain. The entire procedure usually only takes 10-20 minutes and can be a great relief if you have been suffering from bursitis. There is very little down time and the pain reduction should be almost immediate.

Don’t let bursitis keep you from enjoying your life. If rest, ice and OTC medicines are not helping your bursitis, consider talking to a sports medicine physician about a bursa injection. Bursitis is a common issue for athletes, so many sports medicine doctors have the experience and equipment to properly give the injections with the use of fluoroscopy. In a quick appointment you can get relief from your bursitis pain.

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