Facial Nerve Pain Treatment

Published on: July 17, 2014

Facial nerve pain is caused by the specific nerve branches of specific areas of the face. The Supraorbital nerve (SON) provides superficial sensation from the forehead to the scalp, and the Infraorbital nerve (ION) provides sensation from the cheek to the nose. Facial nerve pain (also known as Neuralgia) is a condition that affects feeling in the face. Areas may become extremely sensitive to touch, disabling in severe cases. Symptoms include sharp, shooting, and tingling pain in parts of the facial region.

While some people who suffer from facial nerve pain find relief over time, others do not. For those whose pain is debilitating, a supraorbital or infraorbital nerve block can help to relieve pain. An injection of medication into a specific area can block the nerves – this injection is called a Nerve Block. Therapeutic nerve blocks are used to treat painful conditions such as facial nerve pain. These nerve blocks contain local anesthetic which are used to control acute pain specific to regions of the face.

Many people who suffer from migraine headaches have found relief from facial nerve pain treatment. Simple injections into the area where the nerves are located that cause a person’s migraines have been found to not only relieve headaches, but have also been found to reduce the number of migraines a person has within a given period of time.

Make an appointment today to talk to your trusted facial pain specialist to discuss the benefits of facial nerve pain treatment to promote comfort and function back into your daily life.

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