Are you a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

Published on: November 9, 2018

The forehead and brow are one of the most noticeable areas for wrinkles and lines to occur as you get older. Frown and surprise lines appear, including horizontal lines across the forehead and the “11” furrow between the brows. The eyebrows can also sag, affecting the appearance of the eyes, making you look more tired and older. If this sounds familiar, you may be a good candidate for a brow lift to erase many years from your face.

Brow lifts are used soften the lines and wrinkles on the brow while giving the eyebrows a lift. This can make you look more youthful and energetic. There are two options for brow lifts: surgical and non-surgical. Here are the differences:

  • Surgical brow lift. A facial plastic surgeon can surgically lift and elevate the skin and tissue of the brow. This is often combined with an eye lift to give the patient a more “awake” and energetic appearance. Surgical brow lifts offer a more permanent change to the brow than non-surgical options.
  • Non-surgical brow lift. For those just beginning to see the effects of aging on their brow or those who don’t want to have surgery, the non-surgical brow lift is an option. This uses Botox and other injectables to smooth lines on the brow; Botox can help lift the eyebrow by relaxing the muscle groups that pull the brow downwards.

If you have a forehead or brow that is showing the signs of aging, a brow lift may be right for you. Consult with an experienced facial plastic surgeon to learn more about the surgical and non-surgical options available to give your brow a more youthful appearance.

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