Gynecological Exams

Published on: April 7, 2014

An annual gynecological exam is considered essential to a woman’s over all health maintenance. This exam is important throughout all stages of a woman’s lifetime, beginning in the teen years, and the focus of the exam will change as the body matures. A gynecological well-visit can be divided into different components in order for a doctor to examine many different areas of health.

A discussion of a woman’s health history is vital for a physician. Knowing about any previous surgeries, disorders or conditions, pregnancies, miscarriages, etc. can give doctors a great deal of information toward a woman’s current health. At an annual gynecological exam weight and blood pressure will be checked to see if any significant changes have occurred in the last year that would indicate a serious problem.

Breast exams are a part of each annual exam. These are done by the doctor feeling the breast tissue for any masses or lumps. Any type of fibrocystic changes of the breast will be further evaluated by a mammogram or ultrasound to rule out breast cancer.

A pelvic exam is also done at each annual gynecological visit. This exam will check the abdomen, pelvis, and vagina for any abnormalities. A pap smear is typically done at this time as well as any other lab work that is needed.

Many women are tempted to skip their annual gynecological exam because they do not feel that it is necessary. However, because women can not see inside of their bodies and are unable to examine themselves, it is necessary to have an annual exam in order to rule out any complications or to catch them at their earliest stages. Make an appointment with your OBGYN today for your annual well visit.

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