Heart Benefits of Including Exercise in Your Daily Routine

Published on: November 30, 2017

Protecting your heart from disease is essential for a long life. One of the key factors in taking care of your heart is regular exercise. You don’t need to jog five miles or hit the gym every day – exercise can be in the form of a brisk walk, a cool swim or other activities you enjoy. When combined with a healthy diet, weight loss and a smoke-free life, exercise can help minimize your chance of heart problems by up to 80%. Here are some of the benefits of daily exercise for your heart:

  • Reduce stress. Exercise can help alleviate stress and lower blood pressure, one of the main factors that can cause stroke and heart attacks. Exercise works like heart medication to slow the resting heart beat and to lower blood pressure, naturally.
  • Strength. Exercise helps strengthen the muscles, including the heart. Keep muscles toned and active helps improve circulation and the body’s ability to pull oxygen from the blood. This puts less stress on the heart and keeps it strong.
  • Lose weight. Excess weight is bad for your heart and can lead to other health issues like diabetes. Exercise is the best way to control your weight, helping burn excess calories and keep your metabolism high. As you lose weight, you can often see measurable differences in your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, both connected to heart health.

If you have heart disease or at high risk for heart problems, exercise and other lifestyle factors can make a big difference in your health and longevity. Talk to your cardiologist about the best exercise routine to follow for a healthier heart.

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