How Fat Changes Affects Aging of the Face

Published on: May 9, 2019
Facial Fillers

Have you ever noticed that those with an aged face seem to have more angles and fewer contours? Fat changes in the face have a major impact on how old a person can appear. When you understand how these changes impact the features, it is apparent how replacing or lifting fat layers can make the face look years younger.

A soft, contoured face of youth is partially due to the subcutaneous fat under the skin. This provides shape for the cheeks and around the eyes. As aging occurs, this fat layer can dissipate, move and change. Fat pads in the upper cheeks droop, allowing for hollows to form under the eyes and creating deeper lines around the nose and mouth. Fat loss in the temples can make the face thinner and accentuate crow’s feet.

Cosmetic Treatments to Combat Aging

There are specific treatments that work to undo the changes that fat can make to the face. Deep plane facelifts use surgical techniques to lift the skin and subcutaneous fat layer for a more youthful appearance. Fat transfers and dermal fillers can add volume to cheeks or temples to combat the eye bags and wrinkles caused by fat movement or loss. Cheek lifts and implants can restore the curve of the midface for a younger look.

If changes in the fat layers in your face have left lines, wrinkles, hollows or skeletal features that make you look older, consider cosmetic treatments. There are both surgical and non-surgical fat movement and replacement options to restore a softer, younger appearance to your skin and face. Schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss the treatments that can give you a more youthful look.

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