How Is Elastography Used for Breast Cancer Detection?

Published on: March 30, 2015

Women of all ages should know the importance of early detection for breast cancer. In addition to manual breast exams, mammography and other diagnostic tools, ultrasound elastography has been added to the arsenal for early detection and diagnosis of malignant breast tumors. This newer imaging option has shown promising results in more accurate diagnosis of malignant tumors.

What is Ultrasound Elastograghy?

Ultrasound elastography gives a more defined image of tissue, differentiating between the elasticity or firmness of tissue. Since tumors tend to be harder than the surrounding tissue, elastography can help physicians view a tumor, often also identifying lesions that can mean malignancy. This is proving to be a useful tool in breast cancer detection, as well as other diseases such as thyroid tumors.

In a study conducted on 296 solid lesions, elastography had superior results in detecting malignant tumors over mammography and sonography. The detailed imaging allowed for more accurate diagnosis of the tumors, with less false positive readings. There are hopes that this type of ultrasound will eventually reduce the need for biopsies in the future with further enhancement of this technology.

Who Performs Elastography?

Not all medical facilities have or use this new technology. Although effective, the equipment and training is a significant investment that not all medical facilities or radiology clinics have been ready to undertake. However, for anyone who is seeking diagnosis for possible breast cancer, it worth finding a quality radiology clinic that uses this effective technology.

Before scheduling a breast lump diagnosis, find a radiology clinic that offers ultrasound elastography as an option for imaging. Early and accurate detection should be the primary concern when it comes to any cancer.

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