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AC Joint Separation Surgery Specialist – Dr. Steven Struhl

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About AC Joint Separation Surgery Specialist – Dr. Steven Struhl

The acromioclavicular (AC) joint is one of the joints in the shoulder, connecting the clavicle and scapula bones. When the ligaments in the AC joints are stretched, torn or ruptured, AC joint separation injuries can occur. AC joint separation surgery specialist Dr. Steven Struhl is a top-rated orthopedic surgeon in NYC, offering advanced options in the shoulder injury treatment.

The shoulder is one of the most complex and versatile joints in the body. It contains multiple joints, including the AC joint, with tendons, labrum, cartilage and ligaments combined with bone to allow for a large range of motion. Dr. Steven Struhl is a shoulder specialist, with decades of experience providing treatments and surgeries for a wide range of shoulder injuries. For the highest level of orthopedic care for AC joint separation and other shoulder injuries, you can trust the expertise of Dr. Struhl.

Shoulder Injury Orthopedic Surgeon

Shoulder injuries are common in contact sports, falls and auto accidents. The impact from a fall or collision can dislocate the shoulder joint or cause an AC joint separation. Dr. Steven Struhl has spent over 20 years in private practice perfecting shoulder treatments for his patients, especially for AC joint separation injuries. He specializes in minimally-invasive orthopedic surgery that can obtain the best results with fast recovery, including his breakthrough AC joint surgery. Dr. Struhl’s orthopedic clinics in NYC and Westchester offer the following shoulder injury treatments:

• Treatment and surgery for AC joint separation
• Shoulder Fracture Treatment
• Frozen Shoulder
• Shoulder Arthritis
• Triceps Tendon Tears
• Labrum Tears
• Shoulder Dislocations

If you sustain a shoulder injury, get the best care available from a top orthopedic surgeon and shoulder specialist. Contact the clinic of Dr. Steven Struhl in Westchester, NY, or New York City for a consultation and treatment for AC joint separation and other complex shoulder injuries.

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