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About AuraSpa Beverly Hills Center

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Are you looking for a holistic approach to looking and feeling your best as you get older? AuraSpa is a holistic medical spa in Beverly Hills, CA, that focuses on anti-aging treatments to help encourage wellness and health from the inside out. Dr. Ben Talei, a world-class facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and his team at AuraSpa offer innovative holistic treatments to slow the aging process for improved wellness and appearance.

Air – Energy – Water
The basic principles of the AuraSpa medical spa are based on the elements of air, water and light energy. These fundamental elements sustain the body and when harnessed for their rejuvenating properties, they can help maintain health and facilitate anti-aging. Some of the treatments offered at AuraSpa include:

Air - Oxygen therapies like use of a HYOX HTU2 monoplace hyperbaric chamber and ozone therapy can increase oxygen to the cells in the body for healing and rejuvenation.

Water - IV therapies to promote complete hydration and direct infusion of nutrients to the blood stream can facilitate improved health, wellness and healing.

Light energy - Full-spectrum light therapy with the LightStim LED bed can stimulate circulation, collagen production, healing and rejuvenation for an anti-aging effect.

Holistic therapies - Acupuncture, reflexology, regenerative medicine, post-operative healing and PRP treatments are available for overall wellness and anti-aging results.

Cosmetic treatments - PRP facials and various cosmetic injectables are available to create a more youthful appearance without surgery or invasive methods.

When a holistic approach is used, the body rejuvenates from the inside, creating wellness and health. Dr. Talei and his team offer options to use the basic elements of health and wellness to create anti-aging treatment plans for their patients.

If you are interested in utilizing a holistic approach to looking and feeling younger, contact the AuraSpa holistic medical spa to schedule your anti-aging consultation.

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RoxSan Medical Building 465 N Roxbury Dr., Suite 755
Beverly Hills, California 90210

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