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About Corrielus Cardiology

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Corrielus Cardiology is an integrative cardiovascular care center in Philadelphia that values the link between heart health and overall wellness. By providing comprehensive cardiac service and complete wellness care, we are able to help patients live a better quality of life and protect them from the serious consequences of heart disease. Dr. Sanul Corrielus brings over 16 years of experience in his field. He is a community education advocate and a certified non-invasive cardiologist who is committed to superior, patient-centered care.

Our expansive cardiac services include non-invasive testing and treatment options for a full range of heart conditions, including coronary heart disease (CAD), rhythm disorders, heart muscle diseases, infectious and inflammatory conditions, and congenital heart malformations. We help patients realize the vital role that lifestyle choices and underlying medical conditions can play in the development and progression of heart disease. In many cases, a change in diet, exercise level or stress management can greatly reduce a patient’s likelihood of getting heart disease or suffering from its dismal consequences. While our Philadelphia center is equipped to treat a vast majority of heart conditions, we focus on preventive care whenever possible. Dr. Corrielus offers preventive cardiac screenings, non-invasive testing, integrative care services and second opinions.

If you would like to assess your specific risk factors for heart disease or if you are suffering from heart-related symptoms, turn to a trusted Philadelphia cardiologist who is not only focused on your heart health but on your overall well-being as well. Schedule your cardiac evaluation with Dr. Corrielus today.

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