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Are you looking to help your loved one, family member or yourself with a learning disorder, developmental disorder or social or emotional disorder? Is your loved one also struggling with school, college or professional work? Wouldn’t you appreciate a way to deal with all the intersecting issues you’re struggling with in an affirming, practical way? Dr. Katie Davis is a New York State licensed psychologist who can help you navigate the conflicting and confusing information, providing a clear assessment of your situation and helping you understand jargon and options.

Are you having trouble dealing with your child’s school or a place of business being reasonable with necessary accommodations? As Dr. Davis develops a strategy to approach solving frustrating problems, she can provide plenty of documentation to illustrate and justify your need for those accommodations. You are never alone in your fight for your family when she’s working with you. She’ll help you solve deep issues while helping you or your child work through developing great academic skills and a plan to address difficult social situations and satisfy legal requirements.

Treatment and Therapy for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities

Learning disorders are complex psychological problems that require psychological interventions in and of themselves. A learning disability is defined as “a neurobiological disorder that presents as a serious difficulty with reading, math and/or written expression that is unexpected, given the individual’s intellectual ability. A learning disability is not an emotional disorder nor is it caused by an emotional disorder, though it may be accompanied by one."

You can contact Dr. Davis for more information regarding her credentials and experience in treating a child, teen or adult who might be struggling at school or work. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Davis in order to determine the needs an individual might have. Find out what therapies might work best in their situation.

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