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About New York Sinusitis Treatment

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If you are searching for a reliable doctor to provide sinusitis treatment in New York, speak to Dr. Greg Levitin. Under his care, you will achieve the relief that you haven’t been able to find through the use of prescribed medications. Chronic sinus and nasal problems require treatment that is proven to result in long-lasting benefits. Using his experience as a head and neck surgeon, Dr. Greg Levitin is able to offer a range of treatments that are specifically designed to address the causes and symptoms of a number of conditions, including sinusitis.

All treatments are carried out in the safety and comfort at one of our Dr. Greg Levitin offices. Dr. Levitin’s team is made up of accomplished professionals who are committed to providing patients with excellence in care. You will take a journey that includes a free consultation followed by a fully comprehensive assessment of your needs. All treatments are explained in terms that are easy to understand, with benefits and likely recovery times clearly outlined to the patient before any procedure begins.

One of Dr. Greg Levitin’s goals is to provide aftercare and support for every patient. Chronic sinusitis can manifest through a number of different symptoms, many of which are persistent and reoccurring. We want to ensure the benefits always outweigh any potential risks, which is why most of the treatments are minimally or non-invasive. Surgical options are available when appropriate and are performed by Dr. Levitin, who is a board-certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon and a fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS).
Balloon Sinuplasty
One of our most popular treatment options is a balloon sinuplasty. This treatment is minimally invasive and recovery takes as little as two days for many patients. If you want long-lasting relief from sinusitis and similar chronic nasal problems, a balloon sinuplasty may be the most suitable treatment option for you. While there are risks associated with the procedure, these are largely negated by Dr. Greg Levitin’s experience as a head and neck surgeon and the monitoring techniques he uses during treatment.

If you have been prescribed medications that do not help with sinusitis symptoms or you find yourself suffering from repeated sinusitis infections, Dr. Greg Levitin is here to help. You can seek treatment at either his New York or Brooklyn offices, depending on which is the more convenient location for you. Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We can then find out more about your condition and provide you with further information on any suitable treatment options that Dr. Greg Levitin has to offer.



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