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NexGen Health (IV Therapy, Drips and Vitamins)

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About NexGen Health (IV Therapy, Drips and Vitamins)

Optimizing health begins at a cellular level. To ensure the immune system, metabolism and other systems of the body are functioning optimally, you need the right balance of nutrients to hydrate and nourish the cells. At NexGen Health, IV therapy, drips and vitamins are some of wellness services we offer to improve cellular health at our medical clinic in San Jose, CA.

IV drip therapy is one of our core health services. We provide vitamin IV drips that can provide immediate absorption of fluids and nutrients into the bloodstream. Our medical team administers various IV drip formulas and boosters designed to improve wellness, including the following treatments:

• Immunity
• Fat busting
• Energy and overall wellness
• Anti-aging
• Chronic pain
• Hangover and recovery

Our IV infusion therapy options can deliver quality vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the bloodstream for quicker and more efficient absorption. In addition, we offer IV ozone therapy and oral vitamin supplements to aid in the wellness of our patients.

Genetic and Vitamin Deficiency Testing

What nutrients do you need for better health? Vitamin deficiency and genetic testing can identify what nutrients can benefit your health. Our medical clinic offers on-site genetic and vitamin deficiency testing to create personalized wellness programs for our patients.

HCG Weight Management Plans

Want to lose weight quickly and safely with less hunger? HCG injections can help your body release excess fat to use for energy, resulting in up to 1-2 pounds of weight loss per day. Our medical team offers HCG weight management plans to optimize your metabolism and weight loss efforts.

For improved health, energy and weight management, come see our wellness experts at NexGen Health. We offer IV therapy drips, vitamin therapy, genetic/vitamin testing and HCG weight loss at our clinic in San Jose, CA, near Los Gatos. Call today to schedule your first visit, and begin your journey to better cellular health.

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