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About South Carolina Tongue Tie Center

Tongue-tie and lip-tie mouth restrictions are congenital conditions that can impact infants, toddlers, kids, teens and adults. While mouth restrictions can be lived with, they can also cause discomfort, health issues, dental problems and impact quality of life. The specialists at South Carolina Tongue Tie Center offer an effective and safe treatment for lip and tongue-tie conditions in patients of all ages, available at their clinic in Charleston.

A tongue or lip-tie is a tether made of tissue. The tissue called a frenulum secures the tongue to the floor of the mouth or the upper lip to the gum. When this string of tissue is too short or stiff, it can restrict movement. This is a congenital condition that is present at birth. Infants with this condition may have trouble breastfeeding. Toddlers can have trouble with speech, which can follow them into adulthood. South Carolina Tongue Tie Center offers an effective laser treatment that can release tongue or lip-ties and give relief to their patients.

Tongue and Lip-Tie Treatment Specialists

Dr. Caitlin McPherson and the rest of the team at South Carolina Tongue Tie Center offer a family-friendly environment for treatment of mouth restrictions. The process begins with an exam, consultation and diagnosis. If treatment is needed, a quick laser procedure is performed to remove the lip-tie or tongue-tie. The actual procedure only takes about a minute, and there is little to no downtime needed for healing. The medical team will also recommend stretching exercises to improve mouth movement and reduce the chance of the tie reforming.

Lip and tongue-ties can impact health and quality of life. The team at South Carolina Tongue Tie Center offers effective laser treatment to release tongue and lip-ties in a quick outpatient procedure. Treatment is available for infants, kids, teens and adults. Call the office in Charleston to schedule your appointment.



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