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The Vascular Birthmark Center of New York

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About The Vascular Birthmark Center of New York

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The Vascular Birthmark Center of New York serves as the main office of the highly accomplished vascular birthmark and malformation surgeon, Dr. Greg Levitin. Patients are treated with the utmost compassion and care throughout every stage of diagnosis and treatment by a team of trusted professionals in the field. Most centers are unable to match Dr. Levitin’s dedication and commitment to excellence in achieving results through the effective use of medical, laser therapy and surgical intervention techniques.

Part of the reason Dr. Greg Levitin stands out in his profession is his use of innovation when treating birthmarks and malformations of the face and neck. For over ten years he has perfected the process of reducing potential nerve damage by employing an intraoperative nerve monitoring system. The result is that patients see a typical risk of up to 50% drop to lower than 1% when receiving treatment at the Vascular Birthmark Center in New York.

The Vascular Birthmark Center of Los Angeles

In order to provide patients in the southwestern United States and California with the convenience of access to treatment, Dr. Greg Levitin also runs satellite offices out of Los Angeles. Patients who hail from other parts of the country and would like to receive the services offered by the Vascular Birthmark Center are invited to call in order to make travel arrangements after a free consultation with a trusted member of Dr. Greg Levitin’s team.

Both of the Vascular Birthmark Center office locations are “in-network” providers, meaning patients are covered by most insurance policies. We are also available to discuss any concerns patients may have about their ability to afford a diagnosis or treatment via a free online consultation service that is available on our website.

Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Greg Levitin was drawn to the field of treating birthmarks and vascular malformations after his daughter underwent medical, laser therapy and then surgical intervention for a large hemangioma. It is because of this that both parents and patients are afforded only the highest possible quality of care from the Vascular Birthmark Center team. Just like he did with his own child, Dr. Levitin is committed to completing the journey with every patient.

If you are seeking diagnosis and treatment for a hemangioma or other type of vascular malformation, we are here to help. Regardless of the patient’s age, everyone at the Vascular Birthmark Center is treated with dignity and respect. It is only through working toward a common goal, in cooperation with other medical professionals and patients, that Dr. Greg Levitin has been able to consistently deliver exceptional results.

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200 W. 57th St., Suite 1410
New York City, New York 10019

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