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About Triune Therapy Group

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Recovery is important to us at Triune Therapy Group. In fact, we not only hope to help you recover from the circumstances that introduced us, but we want to empower you. Our goal is to approach each situation with empathy while presenting the tools necessary to tackle any obstacle in the way.

Effective Sex Addiction Treatment – Clinical Psychologists

Our friendly team of clinical psychologists use a blend of neuroscience, attachment therapy, somatic modalities, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy and other interventions to ensure each patient understands they are not alone in their recovery. We’re here every step of the way. We strive to meet each individual at their own pace. Our team does this through therapy approaches that affect not only one patient but their significant others and families as well.

Effective Sex Addiction Treatment

Through exploring the root cause of issues, such as sex addiction, we are able to develop a specific treatment plan that caters to each patient individually. By recognizing where the addiction stems from, we then have the opportunity to reestablish how the mind and body react going forward. We offer individual sessions as well as couple sessions for those affected by sex addiction. Treatment can help restore the healthy balance between you, your sex life and your significant other.

We Also Treat Anxiety, OCD, Trauma, Relationship Issues

Proudly serving the Los Angeles area, we also offer an extensive list of treatments and therapies for concerns such as anxiety and mood disorders, compulsive disorders (including OCD), traumatic memories, relationship issues and much more. The path to becoming the best version of ourselves is littered with roadblocks and detours. Our team at Triune Therapy Group can help navigate those winding roads. Let us help by reaching out to us today.

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