Naturopathic Medicine and Chronic Migraine Management

Published on: January 15, 2014

For migraine sufferers, there are few things more disheartening than feeling the telltale signs of an approaching migraine attack. While there are a wide range of pharmaceuticals on the market targeted at migraine sufferers, there is also a more natural approach to eliminating the pain and disruption of chronic migraines.

What are Migraines?

Research indicates that migraine is an inherited disorder of the neurological variety, but it can often be exacerbated or triggered by many environmental and physical factors. Deficiency of vitamin D is a known contributor to migraine attack, as are other essential vitamins and minerals. Hormonal imbalances can contribute to or cause migraine, as can food sensitivity, sinus pressure, anxiety or changes in mood. Approximately thirty-six million Americans suffer from migraine headaches, which is about twelve percent of the total population. Estimates indicate up to one in four households in the nation contains at least one member with migraine. According to the World Health Organization, migraine is considered one of the twenty most disabling medical illnesses in the world.

Wholistic Migraine Management

Wholistic medicine treats your entire body, not just one symptom. As a result, this approach to medicine is completely tailored to your individual needs and your unique body. Treatments are non-toxic, safe and natural, and complication risk is minimal. Wholistic care for your migraine suffering will not only treat your debilitating headaches, but the overall health of your whole body. If you suffer from migraines and have had little to no relief through prescription medication, contact a medical professional who specializes in naturopathic treatment of migraines for natural, safe and effective relief.

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