Are Your Ready for a New, Younger Look?

Published on: July 25, 2018

Have you wondered what it would be like to change your look? If you have watched your face appear older every year, yet still have not made the move to consider plastic surgery, maybe now is the time. Plastic surgery can give you a new, younger look that you want to see when you look in the mirror. There are many options, some dramatic and some subtle, but they can minimize the effects of time on your face.

Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty

Your eyes are one of your most prominent features. When age creates sagging skin or wrinkles around your eyes, it can make you look much older and even tired. Eyelid surgery can reduce wrinkles, eliminate bags under the eyes and make you look rested and much younger.


There are many versions of the facelift and different methods that can be used. Younger patients can opt for a “mini” facelift to minimize sagging and lines in the midface region. Older patients can benefit from a deep plane facelift which elevates the skin and tissue under the skin to promote a natural, younger appearance, reducing sagging skins and lines around the nose, mouth, jowls and neck.

Brow Lift

Deep forehead lines can make you look angry and years older. The eyebrows can be pushed down and lose their youthful arch. The brow lift smooths deep forehead lines and lifts the eyebrows into a more youthful position.

Combination for a New Look

Want to create a more youthful look from your neck up to your brow? Consider a combination of a facelift, eyelid lift and brow lift. You have a complete new look that is more youthful and energetic – just call your local facial plastic surgeon for a consultation.

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