Is it Safe to Remove Moles?

Most people have moles  or skin tags somewhere on their bodies. The majority of moles are harmless and a natural skin occurrence, but they can be considered a blemish on the skin, especially when they are on the face or another noticeable area. For those who wish to be rid of a prominent mole, there are options available for safe, effective mole removal.

Mole removal is done for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Suspicious moles are removed and biopsied for cancer cells, often by a dermatologist or physician. When it is a cosmetic procedure, the best choice for the procedure is a plastic surgeon.

Removing a mole or skin tag can be done surgically, often in a quick, non-invasive office visit to a plastic surgeon. The mole can be carefully removed and will not return once it is gone. It may only take a small amount time and no pain; the skin can be numbed with a local anesthetic. Larger moles may require more extensive treatment, but it is usually an outpatient procedure.

When a mole is removed, it will leave a small scar. Any time skin is removed, a scar will remain. However, if you choose an experienced plastic surgeon to complete the procedure, you have their extensive training and education on your side. Most mole removal procedures leave a small scar, but it will fade quickly when performed by a professional plastic surgeon. In most cases, a qualified surgeon can help the wound heal quickly without a noticeable scar.

Moles and skin tags can make you feel self-conscious of your appearance. If removing a mole will help boost your self-confidence, consider consulting a plastic surgeon. This quick, outpatient procedure can leave your skin mole-free with a scar that will fade as it heals.

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