When Should I See a Dermatologist for a Rash?

Published on: December 28, 2017

Almost everyone has experienced some sort of rash. Whether you got exposed to poison ivy or breakout in a rash from certain detergents, most rashes are not serious and can be easily treated at home. But, there are times when a rash can be a symptom of a more urgent issue that needs medical care. It is important to know when to see a dermatologist for skin rash treatment. Here are some signs you should call your skin doctor to examine your rash:

  • When you have a fever with a rash, it should be evaluated by a dermatologist as it could be a serious infection or reaction due to another medical condition.
  • Extensive. If the rash is covering most of your body, this is not a simple issue. Call your doctor to schedule an appointment right away.
  • While most rashes are irritating, if they are painful, you should seek medical attention.
  • Blisters can occur with rashes, but if they are near your eyes, genitals or you have multiple blisters around your mouth, you should seek an exam.
  • Quickly spreading. If a rash comes on suddenly and quickly begins to spread, it could be a severe allergic reaction. You may want to call for an appointment right away; if you begin to have trouble breathing, call 911 or go directly to an emergency room.

A rash is a common skin issue, but it should never be ignored if there are any of the above symptoms accompanying the onset of this condition. A dermatologist can evaluate your rash and help determine what the trigger for your skin outbreak is and get you the correct treatment.

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